In the late eighties, the legendary North stand held the large, centrally positioned terrace Midden-Noord. This was a real lion’s den producing noise for ninety minutes, each and every home game. Iconic was the huge graffiti text “FC Den Haag Forever” in the back. During matches it was only partially visible, especially when a huge yellow-green flag covered the crowd. This is where the die-hard support resided in the days of Corrie Lems, Heini Otto, Tony Morley, Martin Jol. We’ll never forget.



FC Den Haag’s notorious firm.

Founded in 1977 and famous for its fanatism, humour and loyalty. Within and beyond borders. Dutch football culture trendsetters during the eighties, home and away. Residents of Midden-Noord.



All Zuiderpark Stadium products are official reproductions of “Ouverture Zuiderpark Forever” (2017), a unique painting created by artist Daan de Jong. It represents the North stand of Zuiderpark Stadium during the 1988 – 1992 era.

Historic Grounds owns the exclusive reproduction rights. The original painting is part of a private collection and not for sale.

Characteristics original painting:

  • Ouverture Zuiderpark Forever (2017)
  • Oil on canvas
  • 60 × 80 cm